OC Batbusters Camp Hosted By Great Lakes Sports Hub

February 2, 2024

Starting February 3rd the Great Lakes Sports Hub will host the OC Batbusters Camp, drawing over 100 campers from Batbusters Indiana and Ohio Batbusters. Led by Mike Stith (OC Batbusters California) and his coaching team, the weekend will focus around the way in which the OC Batbusters develop players.

The softball camp is set to take place on Saturday, February 3rd, and Sunday, February 4th, designed for players aged 9u through High School. The first day’s agenda is dedicated to foundational aspects of the game, with a focus on warm-up techniques, base-running strategies, speed and agility drills, and defensive fundamentals.

On Sunday, February 4th, day #2 of the softball camp will concentrate on the vital skill of hitting. Tailored for players aged 9u through High School, the day’s sessions will delve into various aspects of successful batting, offering participants the chance to refine their techniques and gain confidence at the plate. This focused day aims to empower players with the skills needed to excel in the crucial art of hitting.


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